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"You need to have a bad day once In a while; otherwise you’ll never know what good day feels like."

salaamaat umaraw ndin! :)
tss. wak nauulit habagat. daig mo pa bagyo ah! xD

i want someone i can go to. someone i can tell my secrets to. someone who won’t judge me for the mistakes I’ve made, for the mistakes i will continue to make. i want someone who understands. i want someone who hears, not just listens. i want someone who says goodnight to me, and prays to god they get the chance to say good morning. i want someone who knows my quirks. i want someone who wipes my tears away. i want someone who needs me. i want someone who loves me. :”>

“The playful relationship”

In a relationship, I don’t always want it to be a romantic dinner. It can be playful. It can include the nice fancy dinner, but as long as we spend it together, we won’t need to go out and buy an expensive dinner. A playful relationship is a healthy relationship because knowing that I can laugh around you means that I am comfortable around you. We can laugh at any moment. If I throw water in your face, it just means I am trying to get your attention. If we are cleaning up our dishes after dinner, I am going to spice it up somehow so it makes everything more fun. Who doesn’t want a playful relationship? Everyone fantasizes about a romantic date being out wearing something very expensive and looking very nice as they both eat dinner at an exclusive restaurant. The best kind of playful relationship is where the two enjoy each others company.

Never make a promise if you can’t stick with it. Never start if you don’t have plans to finish. Never speak if you don’t mean it. Most importantly, Never love if you can’t handle it.
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